6 Signs of an Unhealthy Roof

Nov 28, 2023Roofing

bird's eye view of assorted-color roof tiles

Many of us take the roof over our heads for granted. But they don’t last forever, and watching out for warning signs can prevent bigger, and more costly, problems later on. So, what should you be keeping an eye out for? Here are some signs to look out for — and remember, if you do spot any of these tell-tale signs, it’s best to contact a roof repair expert, like the team at Cambridge Roofing Repairs.


1. Damp patches

Have you spotted a damp patch on your upstairs ceilings? An unsightly stain suggest there is excess moisture somewhere in the house.

It could simply be a sign of damp, potentially caused by a poor balance of heating and ventilation in the room. However, damp patches upstairs could also indicate a leaking roof, which can lead to serious structural issues like rotting or corroded fixings. Investigate by going up to the loft or attic, if you have one, and identifying if you can feel damp around the area where the patch or stain is appearing.

It’s sometimes possible to repair a minor leak. But if you’ve noticed a more serious leak or multiple damp spots, you may need to consider a full roof replacement. It’s wise to seek advice from a roof repair company early when you find a leak to prevent any damage from getting worse.


2. Visible sunlight

While you’re in the loft looking for sources of damp patches, keep an eye out for the telltale sign of a serious leak: visible sunlight. Holes in your roof leave your home exposed to all possible weather damage, so if you spot one, get it repaired as soon as you can.


3. Moss or mould growth

Regularly looking for visible changes is an easy check to perform, and can help you to spot potential problems early. For example, mould (which may only be visible from the ground on lighter-coloured materials) or moss may indicate excess damp under your tiles, or even be a sign of rotting.

Frequent roof cleaning will help to stop growth in its tracks, and means the roofer can investigate its underlying cause, so you can get it repaired and avoid it becoming a bigger issue.


4. Cracked or loose tiles

Tiles becoming dislodged or cracking can be a sign of moss growth, but that isn’t the only possible cause. Extreme weather like storms, impact from falling objects, corrosion of the nails fixing your tiles in place, or even ice if the temperatures have dropped, are all potential culprits. Replacing one or two tiles is usually a relatively quick and low-cost repair, so don’t be tempted to patch it up yourself – the safety risk isn’t worth it.


5. Missing tiles

Ignoring tiles in bad condition can lead to them falling off, which can present a danger to anyone walking by. However, it also leaves your home exposed to risks like mould and rot caused by water damage, or structural deterioration of the lower roof layers due to UV exposure. These risks combined with the weak spot where the tile is missing can even cause the whole thing to cave in, so although one missing tile might look minor, always get it fixed.


6. Sagging

Never ignore a sagging roof. It’s a clear sign that you need a roof replacement, because the underlying structure can no longer support the weight, and it’s at risk of collapsing. Contact a trusted local roof repair expert as soon as you can and get it taken care of.


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We’ve been providing quality roof repairs and roof replacements in Cambridge and the surrounding areas for more than 25 years. We’re here to help extend your roof’s lifespan and keep it in top condition. If you spot any of the above issues, or anything else that you’re concerned about, get in touch to find out how our experienced roofers can help.